Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Another Season

The tang of Fall is in the air, and I even find myself thinking about snow, and *Gasp!* Christmas. Horrifying, I know. It may have something to do with being wound up over the imminent, and imminently huge, schedule change that is looming just around the corner. I have to say that I am tired of having it hanging over us - I want to just wade in and get it rolling, already!

On the other hand, it may have something to do with what we spent six hours straight doing, yesterday. It was the perfect day for it; breezy, mild, but not cold. Yes, yesterday we cleaned out 3/4 of the gardens. A little early, you say? Perhaps. But I know I won't have the time (or the inclination, probably), to do it once I'm back in school full time, teaching piano three days a week and still hoping to do a bit of writing/ artwork, and, of course, spend time with my hubby and canine babies.

So we pulled and plucked, chopped and snipped, and the result was eleven bags of yard waste, and much barer looking gardens. The verdict is in on the weed carpets, though. The bad news is that No, they do not stop weeds from growing, HOWEVER, they make the weeds much, MUCH easier to pull. So yes, they are staying as a yearly garden staple.
To celebrate and commemorate another growing season, I have posted photos of the phases it's gone through from March to the peak of the summer. It began, as usual, on my glass kitchen table, with newspaper, Styrofoam cups, a water spritzer and a huge amount of seeds...
...and progressed to the two mini "greenhouses," we put up by our kitchen windows. These two shelves become home to hundreds of plants - both vegetables and flowers - from the months of March to June.

Once the soil warms, it's time to go at it with shovels and other digging implements for the purpose of weeding, loosening the soil, and enriching it with things like composted manure.
This year, we added the step of covering the garden plots with weed carpet. Aaaah, it looks so clean...
At this point, I often wonder if the garden will ever look like it did last year, *lol* These are the seedlings in their cup planters. I placed them where I felt they should be planted (by height, color, etc...) Hubby isn't as familiar with their characteristics as I am, of course, so this was how he was able to help me "install" them.
Almost there. Carpet doesn't look too clean, now, covered in plants and dirt.
And Voila! One garden plot done. For me, it's an annual act of faith to believe that these little ones, sparse looking as they are right now, will fill out, join together, and actually form a flower garden.
And they certainly tried their best not to disappoint.
And there it is...
...Until Next Year!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Your flowers were so beautiful.

I'm really going to have to buy a couple of those mini greenhouses over the winter.

It would be a great place to start our seeds and a whole lot easier to keep the kitty babies out of them.

MWebster said...

Thanks very much. The greenhouses have really come in handy - we used to cover tables etc...with seedlings, but it's just not practical *lol* The greenhouses do keep prying noses out, too, although Keani did manage to get to a couple plants at the bottom *sighs*

GardenJoy4Me said...

Monica that is such an intense project to stick to from start to finish ! You have way more energy than I have .. then again .. I am getting OLD ? LOL .. Your Cosmos are so beautiful .. I totally forgot to plant seeds this year and I had "Double Click" Cosmos which look wonderful from their pictures .. I hope they can hang on until next Spring maybe ? seeds do that don't they ? LOL .. You aren't allowed to think of Christmas until I get Halloween done ok ?? LOL
PS .. I have a deck greenhouse with 4 shelves I intend to get more use out of it for next year you have inspired me girl ! : )

MWebster said...

Thanks, Joy!! ;) I think your seeds will hang in for at least another year *grins* I finally, FINALLY got rid of a whole bag of "leftover" seeds - some from about five years ago! I'll try to keep Christmas on the shelf until you are done Halloween (although, we do put up the outside Christmas decor the weekend after Halloween.) My excuse is - it saves us from freezing our noses off!
Good luck with the Halloween challenge!

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