Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ordinary or Extraordinary

The air was a blend of coolness and warmth on Monday. A wonderful day for a walk or two, despite the minute droplets of intermittent rain. We took advantage of the weather to go for a stroll in a local park. It's a place we've been to many, many times. Grasses, trees, flowers, leaves, water... as I explained to a student last week, two people can watch the same sunrise, and see something completely different. To one, it's just a sunrise. To the other, it's dark shadowy clouds dramatically under lit by the rising sun, with a rosy blush throughout. Same sunrise, different perspective.
Same park, different perspective.


Bridging the distance

Quiet place for a picnic

Graceful arc

Tibetan Spaniels generally love being on high places, and Keani is no exception.

Autumn's touch

Park residents

Splashes of color. The flowers reminded me of snapdragons

Winding trail


The sinuous shapes of trees

In a field of clover


Tree bark patterns

Ordinary or extraordinary?

Growing ducklings and their mother

Alone in a sea of green

Bridal trails of ivy

Touching a mirror

Icewind, happily on top of everything

In the driver's seat with Dad

 The Friendly Guardian


The Japanese Redneck said...

Luved the tour. What a great place to go. Your fearless Keani looks extremely pleased with the outing too.

Great captions to go with the pictures.

MWebster said...

*laughs* Yes he does, doesn't he? Thanks hon :) Glad you could take the tour with us!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Monica how true is this ! I love all of your photos (especially the furry "kids")LOL
Yes .. our perceptions of the same occurrence such as a sunrise can be so different .. I am always in awe of them no matter how many I see .. I can't even begin to explain how they feel to me .. afternoon light almost the same thing, inexplicable, dramatic, profound .. light stirs something in me I can not explain. The trees and trails there are gorgeous .. I love trees .. thus squeezing in so many in our not so big yards .. but I have to have them : )
Autumn is touching a few leaves isn't it ? I love it !
Great post : )

MWebster said...

Dear Joy,

I can certainly sympathize. There is something truly magical about trees - they have a personality all their own. Thanks for taking the tour with us! I'm so grateful we have these special places to appreciate - and so glad that you share your sunrises with us!

Lilac Haven said...

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. Aristotle
So I say extraordinary to all aspects.

MWebster said...

I couldn't agree more, with you and with Aristotle :) Something of the marvelous - from the tiniest leaf, to the largest, snow capped mountain.

Keani, Tibetan Spaniel

Icewind and Keani - New Beginnings