Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why isn't Green my Favorite Color?

Well, a one week hiatus on 'The Blitz' (because of circumstances) is going on a little longer than anticipated, however I am Determined to finish the Muffins/ Squares segment this week. Then it's on to Cakes. But it's time *Sigh* to start thinking about stocking up on various meats. One more month until the Main Courses and Side Courses need to be done - hopefully the vegetable garden will cooperate.

 I am slowly ticking things off my 'to do' checklist (and adding things all the time, of course). The front flower gardens have been planted. Dianthus, aster, snapdragon, sweet pea, petunia, marigold, dahlia, bee balm, alyssum, phlox, morning glory, cosmos and double impatiens are the annual tenants this year, alongside the perennials:  Asian lily, malva, heliopsis, a climbing rose, clematis, bleeding heart, something I don't remember the name of,  and a rose bush that we thought we had dug out. Apparently it didn't want to move locations, which turned out to be very wise of it.

We've also finished planting the back vegetable and berry garden for this season, and stocked up on our vegetable and flower seeds for next year. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes and red currants range along one side of the fence. Tiny green baby grapes are starting to hang in clusters from the vine. Peas are almost ready to be picked, and beans are also making an appearance. Watermelon, cantaloupe, eggplant, tomato, pepper, cucumber, zucchini and corn are growing and biding their time. Meanwhile, the mint are overflowing their bed as usual, and the asparagus look like tall thin feathers in the wind.
Watching my seedlings and plants grow and (hopefully) flourish makes me very happy. Sometimes I wonder why my favorite color isn't green?


Webgrrl74 said...

Your garden looks sooo pretty! Those roses are great!
Go Go Gadget Baker! :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

My goodness Monica you are so busy ! Wow to your veggie and fruit plantings .. I do herbs but this year I have cut back a bit .. with more of the garden being cut out for me .. the perennials and vines have weighed in on screaming for my attention .. it finally rained last night .. good and proper down pour but we would need that for a week to catch up !
I was disappointed yesterday having to cut back to the bones, my Zephirine D. climbing rose .. rose rust was rampant .. I need to find my cure all called Rose Doctor .. mean while I just cut it back so much .. it looked sad and I WAS SAD ! BIG sigh .. but that is what gardening involves at times .. harsh measures .. meanwhile we look to the other plants that are happy ?
Good luck with all of your green babies !
Joy : )

MWebster said...

Hey Webgrrl,

Thanks very much! I have definitely fallen in love with the roses all over again (one of my favorite parts of spring/ summer :))

Almost done the squares and muffins! *pant, pant* Whew!

MWebster said...

Hi Joy,

Yes, I felt like having a holiday when I saw the rain! I love downpours (and thunderstorms!) in moderation, and the garden and grass really needed it. Saves me from having to go out and water today, too, which is a bonus! ;)

So sorry to hear about your climbing rose. Just reading about it makes me feel sad and disappointed - I sympathize and empathize!

Good luck to you too!

Keani, Tibetan Spaniel

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