Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Blitz: Part 3

Actually, to be accurate this post should be called 'The Blitz: Part 2.5, 2.75 and 3,' but since that title really doesn't look good or sound good, I stuck with the 'Part 3' thing.
Since the last 'Blitz' chronicle both the squares and the cakes segments have been completed. Delectable scents kept wafting from the oven, but my husband and I have been very good with exercising our willpower - neither of us snuck so much as a single cookie from the trays or a single square from the pans.
After baking a double batch of regular brownies, mint squares, nanaimo bars, mint brownies and caramel marshmallow brownies, I went on to bake a few pans of snack cakes.
This weekend I figuratively rolled up my sleeves, squared my shoulders and took a deep breath. After purchasing 36 bananas and 6 large containers of strawberries (among other ingredients, of course), it was time to start on the quick breads.My goal: 30 loaves of bread.
Armed with five recipes (actually six, I printed out one too many recipes, dithered about whether I was going to make an extra 6 loaves, and then decided...nah.) I made the 30 loaves over the weekend - six of each type of bread.
I think my husband is starting to worry a little. "Honey," he said, after stacking the banana bread, strawberry bread, strawberry banana bread and pumpkin bread, "there's no more room in the freezer!" We haven't even put the chocolate banana bread in, yet. Thank goodness we have two freezers. Ah well, it's a good time to go in and get rid of old freezer junk.
Actually I don't think we have much of that. Hmmm. Well, somehow, it'll all fit in.

A decadent chocolate birthday cake was also created this weekend. It's my dad's birthday on Thursday, and we celebrated it on Monday.
The day is filled with the noise of loud machines as workers brick our neighbor's driveway (at least, I think that's what they're doing.) Icewind, of course, being the House, Property and Family Guardian has taken it upon himself to make sure that they behave themselves. This is him keeping an eye on things.


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