Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Revelling in Summer Blooms

I have to admit that every year, when I place my little seedlings into the earth outside, I worry. Eighty-five to ninety percent of our plants are home-grown from seeds - that's two to three hundred. I start them in indoor "greenhouses" in March and April. But still, they always look so tiny when being transplanted, and one can never be quite, quite sure, unless one waits until the end of June, that the icy fingers of frost are gone for good.
I was even more worried this year. With the wacky weather, the seedlings just didn't seem to want to grow very much once they were in the gardens. I waited with bated breath for weeks. But now, finally, my efforts have paid off. The front gardens are a riot of color, playing host to bees. The back gardens are mantled with green, and home to darting dragonflies.
This is a picture that one of my student's created for me, using beads and other materials. Goes right along with the summer blooms theme!



GardenJoy4Me said...

Monica that is such a fantastic result from you little seedlings !
You are far braver than I am .. I am not good with seedlings .. I have to admit I even forgot to plant my packaged seeds from garden companies and from friends too ! I feel terrible that happened .. I swear to have them taped to my forehead next year ?
That is such a sweet picture your student made for you : ) it must be so satisfying to teach these kids and have them think of you with their own little projects !
Thanks for stopping by .. I am not good with keeping up this year reading my friends blogs .. the days just whip by so quickly !
Joy with whiplash ? .. that sounds kind of naughty ? LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

My goodness Monica I just read about your adorable and very different furry kids ! Talk about polar opposites ? .. A point that really hit home was your description of Icewind's old soul face/look .. I have have seen that with two of my cats Molly that we lost ( illness that just about killed me inside .. we could not find out what made her so ill .. my cats are indoor cats) in any case .. tears coming just thinking of it all .. she had that old soul look even as a kitten a beautiful Calico .. and with Emma our gray/white long hair (mainly Main Coon) .. she had such an ancient look to her face it was eerie .. she is a thinking cat no doubt .. Sophie, who is more Siamese than her Main Coon side is "chubby love"
Funny how we can see so much character in animals and other people have no clue ? LOL
Loved reading about your precious pups : )

MWebster said...

Hi Joy, thank you:) And not to worry about the blog reading thing - the only way I manage to 'keep up' (well, I suppose it depends on one's point of view) is by having all of the blogs on my blog reader and scrolling through every two days or so. And with everything clamoring for attention, it is definitely difficult to juggle it all. *sighs* I've just asked my hubby to please (if he has time) go out and pick all the ripe raspberries and red currants before they get too ripe. I've just been putting it off, and putting if off...
*lol* I don't know about taping the packages to your many packages do you get? Hang them in a bag by the front door - that's what I do, sometimes *laughs*
I'm so sorry to hear about Molly. The great problem with loving these little ones is, of course, that they generally don't live as long. It's always a heartbreak in the making - and yet, what would life be without them? They bring such a great added dimension to life!
It is a shame that so many are ignorant of this. Animals, as you mentioned, are such a goldmine of character, love and laughs.
Thanks for dropping by! :)

The Japanese Redneck said...

How beautiful your flowers are. My beds have gone to the wayside because of other hobbies the past 3 years (horse showing and tournament fishing). But, I've been slowly cleaning out the beds and trying to get them back into order.

Thanks for stopping by. I love the combination of plants that you've combined to create a beautiful riot of color.

MWebster said...

Thank you very much!:) I have to admit to a tendril of jealousy when I read about people showing horses *laughs* I was obsessed with horses as a child, and took lessons as a tween, but since I was paying for myself, the money quickly ran out. I still wax nostalgic about it! :)
I worry about my gardens next year. They take so much time to keep them in line, and I'll be in teacher's college for ten months...Good luck with your garden beds. I hope you post some photos when they're all done! I'm sure they'll be beautiful :)

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